Posted by: spectroswdwblog | May 19, 2009

Rain :(

rainyxsmallWith less than 2 days to go we are getting depressed by the weather reports of rainy days ahead.  It happens every time we go to Walt Disney World.  When we hit the 1 week mark the anticipation really ramps up so Kim and I start watching the weather channel and hitting the web for the forecast. I check the weather throughout the day with my iphone and also have a radar app to easily check the Doppler image for central Florida.  Any mention of rain throws me into a deep depression.  This week has been especially bad and I feel sorry for those down there this week.  Today it rained nonstop and the wind gusts were very strong.  Mike Scopa a writer and blogger for has been down in Walt Disney World this week and has been sending hourly photos through Twitter.  He just sent his last photo which was from MCO (airport) and it is still raining.  The weather channel stated that the low pressure system that is pumping the rain in from the east should start to clear out tomorrow night and conditions should start to slowly improve. We arrive Thursday evening around 7:30pm and I am hoping for it to be gone by then.



  1. I want to just cry for people that spend buckets of money to go there and then get buckets of rain water their whole vacation.

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