Posted by: spectroswdwblog | May 20, 2009

It’s Sooooo Close

  T minus 18 hours and despite the crappie weather in Florida I am pretty excited. The day before we leave always feels like a special day, kind of like the day before a big holiday like Christmas or opening day of the NFL. Yes, opening day and Christmas are on the same level in our house. There is a lot of food and rejoicing. 

  Kim is up stairs packing and almost done. Idol is on and she won’t miss that especially tonight because it is the finally. I have chosen to pack tomorrow despite my promise to myself I was not going to be a last minute packer.

  I worked a full day on Sunday and averaged over 10 hours a day the whole week so after some home office work tomorrow morning I am done with my work week. Kim is working a half day tomorrow. Although I will not have to leave the house to work I still have a lot to do. Besides packing I have to mow the lawn. I won’t sleep tonight, never do before I go away. I will toss and turn all night mostly hoping for everything including the weather to work out OK.

That’s it for now. Tomorrow, Walt Disney World (and the rain)



  1. Hey it’s mombee from Mousebuzz. Hope you have a great time and that the weather clears up for you!!!

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