Posted by: spectroswdwblog | May 22, 2009

First Full Day

We woke up late this morning and were both well rested.  It was overcast but did not look threatening.  Kim took her refill cup down to the Mara for a coffee.  I went out to the balcony.   There was a giraffe and a zebra out this morning along with some local pelicans splashing in the watering hole.  The giraffe was behind some trees and did not get a shot of it but Kim got a picture of the zebra.

I forgot to mention that we did buy own refillable mugs last night.  For those of you who are curious here is a picture.  We had lunch at Tony’s in the Magic Kingdom.  We took the bus from Animal Kingdom Lodge.  The bus was crowded and we ended up standing.  The bus stops at Kidani Village first so the bus was pretty full when it arrived here.  We got to the Magic Kingdom and it started raining.  We went to Tony’s for our 11:30 lunch.  We had to wait a few minute for the restaurant to open but the Dapper Dans came out and did a couple of numbers for us, it was like our own private show.

The food was good, I had the Chicken Parma and Kim had the Eggplant Catasta (Stack).  I will post more about Tony’s on the review page when and if I have the time.  For dessert Kim ordered her favor desert simply known as “The Bomb”. The food was good and the bomb suburb.

After lunch the thunderstorms came rolling in and the rain was hard so we put on our ponchos.  We wandered the stores on Main Street waiting for the rain to let up but it didn’t. 
I wanted to see Monsters Laugh Floor so we headed over to Tomorrowland.  We waited in line for a few minute before they announced the ride was down and they did not know if they would be reopening it today.  People who know us will understand why this is funny.  Where ever we go rides break.

The rain was still coming down so we decided to head back to Animal Kingdom Lodge.  We had our mugs with us in the backpack so we swung by Mara to fill them up.   The stores got worse and blew past but the rain has not stopped.

Tonight’s plan is dinner at Sanaa located in the Kidani Village building. Then we are meeting our Friends Jim and Marie over at Port Orleans Riverside to watch Bob Jackson.

Refillable Mugs

Refillable Mugs


Lady and the Tramp Fountain in the center of the Restaurant

Lady and the Tramp Fountain in the center of the Restaurant

Kim loves the Bomp!

Kim loves the Bomb!



  1. I’m jealous! Right now you are hangin’ with Bob Jackson. That’s one of my favorite things at WDW.

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