Posted by: spectroswdwblog | May 22, 2009

The Trip Here

We left for the airport about 15 minutes later than we wanted but we made up some time driving and arrives about an hour before our flight.  We stopped to get some food from the food court.  Kim got McNuggets  and fries from McDonalds and I got a slice of pizza from Original Pizza of Boston.  My pizza was good and under $4.00.  Kim’s food was $9.50, for McNuggets!  What a gaff (that was for you Bob).

After eating we headed over to our gate.  At about 15 minutes to board we still weren’t boarding.  We both sensed a problem.  A woman from Southwest finally addressed all the people waiting to board and explained that our nonstop flight to Orlando now had a stop.  It was explained to us that there are 2 runways at Bradley.  One is larger than the other and the large runway is down because they needed to work on it.  This meant that we had to use the shorter of the two runways but because of the wind, temperature and weight they needed to “dump weight” so they would need to remove fuel from the plane so we would need to stop at Raleigh Durum to get gas. The stunned crowed just stood staring at her with their mouths open “what do you mean we have to stop for gas” We finally loaded and took off about 10 minutes behind schedule.

The flight was good, we landed and gassed up and made it to OIA around 8:10 pm.  There was no rain at the airport but after picking up our car from Budget and heading down 417 toward Animal Kingdom Lodge we hit some light rain.  As we passed under the Walt Disney World welcoming arch near POP Century it was a steady light rain.  We checked into the hotel with no trouble and made it to our room.  For those of you familiar with the Animal Kingdom Lodge we are on the Zebra Trail room 5529.  There was a tri circle Mickey waiting for us on the bed.  We were hungry and the store closes at 11:00 and it was around 10:30. We bought some cereal, milk doughnuts and juice.  We went over to the food court called the Mara.  By now neither of us wanted “real food” so Kim got a cookie and I got a paw print brownie.  We went back to the room and unpacked.  By the time we went to bed it was after 12:00.



  1. Theres nothing like the first day. Arriving at the resort. All worries gone. That distinct Disney smell. Wish I was there.

  2. Glad to see everything is going well. Your knowledge of Disney shows you are well seasoned travelers. The tri-circle Mickey ears certainly must have been neat to see upon your arrival!! Kyle keeps asking us to go the Animal Kingdom to see the animals. We’ll continue to check in to see the new and exciting events you are having!!

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