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I Need a SAG Card and an Agent

Sunday started kinda slow.  Kim slept in and I worked on the blog and transferred some photos from the camera to my computer.  We left the room thinking we were going to Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom but after thinking about how late it was we decided it would be better to go to lunch.  We went to the car and headed to The Pepper Market a food court located in Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.  Kim and I love the food here but the prices are high so we don’t go every trip.  I had a steak quesadilla and Kim had rotisserie chicken. 

The food however was not the highlight of the meal.  Meet Jason , He came up and started to tell me that he had been sitting over there with his family and knew he recognized me from somewhere.  Well he remembered me from You Tube.  Ya that’s right I am a bonafide star.  I have been ordering champagne and caviar and living like a rock star.  Heck I am now officially famous. OK I’ll come back down to earth now, in all seriousness I want to tell him that we were happy he stopped by and we could meet his family.  He is a great guy and he really made our trip super special. I emailed him him a link to the blog hopefully it went through and he is following it.  That’s enough about my new found star status.  After lunch I wandered around the resort and took a few photos.  There was a convention checking in and they all showed up together.  The whole check-in area down to the food court was packed with people we couldn’t believe it.  I couldn’t imagine trying to check into that hotel and having to deal with that.  Next we went back to the pool and of course the pool bar.  We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool until it was time for dinner.

The Wave

Dinner was at a new restaurant named The Wave. It is located in the Contemporary Resort and is located in the space previously held by the Food and Fun Center. For you non Disney-files that is the big hotel the monorail drives into.  Kim and I really loved this place.  The decor is simple but interesting and the food was really good.  Kim had a pork tenderloin and I had a seafood linguine dish.  Now the one thing you need to know about The Wave is it should have been named The Cave because it has no windows.  During dinner I had to use the restroom which is located in the lobby. I looked out the glass doors and it was raining hard. 

By the time Kim and I finished dessert the rain had slowed down.  We decided to run the monorail route.  We hopped on the monorail and visited the Polynesian and Grand Floridian Resort.  While we were in the Grand Floridian the rain had stopped. We went outside to look at the menu for Narcoosses since we will be eating there later in the week.  The sun came out and as it was setting it washed everything into this bright orange glow.  We went to the boat dock to take the boat to the Magic Kingdom but it was not running.  We had to walk back to the front of the building to get back on the monorail.  The orchestra was playing in the lobby so we stopped for a moment to listen.  For me the highlight of this resort is the orchestra.  They play music from the big band era to soft hits from the 60s and 70s and of course Disney classics.

We road the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom and the setting sun was washing everything in a soft orange light.  Over to the east 2 rainbows appeared.  We went through bag check and went to secure a location for Wishes, the Magic Kingdom’s Fireworks show.  I took several shots of the castle and waited for Spectromagic the night time parade.  I took several shots of Wishes but with my new camera and set up I had marginal success at best.  It was extra Magic hours but after the rain the temperature dropped and Kim said she was a bit chilly so we headed back to the Lodge.

Kim enjoying her lunch

Kim enjoying her lunch

The Wave Dinning Room

The Wave Dinning Room Wishes



  1. Should have got your autograph. Told some of our friends about meeting you and after I described your youtube videos to them they knew exactly who I was talking about. Maybe you are just a little famous after all. Haven’t been this excited since last trip when we heard someone in the parks exclaim “Charlie bit me”. Unfortunately it was only someone pretending and not the real youtube stars……you my friend are the real deal!!

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