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Epcot and Animals

Monday was spent in Epcot.  My goal was to take pictures of the Flower and Garden Festival.  I have to say that both Kim and I noticed a huge reduction in displays and exhibitors this year.  If you never saw it before you would probably think it was OK but it is a lot smaller than previous years.  Kim and I went into Innoventions West to try the new Great Piggy Bank Game.  Before that we went to see the Velcro show.  Yes you read that right a show about the hook and loop fabric that solves so many problems.  The two hosts were from the now closed Comedy Club that was on Pleasure Island.   They were funny and the show is entertaining.  It is set up like a game show and the final round featured two men who raced to diaper babies and stick them to their Velcro aprons.

Next we went to the Great Piggy Bank Adventure.  Here you choose a goal and by playing 3 different games you fill your piggy bank.  The fun part is you actually have a real piggy bank you carry from station to station.  We didn’t get enough points to get our goal but it was a lot of fun.  If you are going to Epcot give it a try.

Kim wth the piggy

Kim wth the piggy

We had lunch at the counter service restaurant in Mexico.  We both ordered the chicken tacos.  They were delicious but the seating area was a mess.  We walked around World Showcase and saw the 360 movie in China.  It is one of the few things Kim and I had not done before.  We went through the butterfly exhibit before leaving to head back to the hotel for our Wayama Safari.

We met down at Jiko the African Restaurant here at Animal Kingdom Lodge at 3:45.  We met our guides and went to our safari truck back stage.  We explored all of the savannahs and the guide talked about the animals and the lodge.  It was cool seeing the lodge from the savanna side and seeing all of the animals up-close.  The guides also told us their names and about their personalities. We stopped during the safari to enjoy a traditional safari snack break.  They had tins with dried fruits, almonds, and cold sausage.  The sausage was my favorite along with the dried figs.  We also had some juice. 

After the safari we enjoyed a family style dinner at Jiko.  Dinner took a long time as we were served each course with a wine pairing.  During each coarse the chef, Chef Mase came out to explain all of the dishes we had to sample from.  We ended our adventure around 9:00pm so we stayed in and watched Wishes from the balcony.

mono imag1






































Kidani Village

Kidani Village


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