Posted by: spectroswdwblog | June 16, 2009

Make Your ADRs ASAP Online!

Walt Disney World has opened up its highly anticipated online dining reservation system.  The system is really easy to use and is similar in experience as shopping online, however the links to make the reservations are a bit hard to find.  The new system allows you to search by restaurant for available ADRs around a specific time. 

You can search up to a 5 day range and will list times around the time you chose.  If a reservation is not available it

Check the "Range" box to search up to 5 days

Check the "Range" box to search up to 5 days

will give you places and times available in the same area.  This is a huge help when planing out your itinerary if for example you know you will be at the Magic Kingdom and Ohana’s is not available.  The system will suggest locations near Ohana’s like Khona or the Grand Floridian Cafe and give you an available time for both locations.  Available with options for placing a reservation is a description of the restaurant along with price range information and cuisine offered. You can then add the location to your cart and go back to search for more reservation.  Your reservations are confirmed when you check out.   If you have an account you can save favorites and add them to your cart when you return to the site. Here is how to start.

resi 3

Even when you get your ADR, you may be offered alternatives

 First you must head over to the Walt Disney World web site.  Scroll down to the “Dining” link listed under the category “Discover Walt Disney World” as you can see I have provided links. At the top of the next page it will tell you to call the (407)wdw-dine number 90 days in advance to make your reservations, but you know better and will click on the “Restaurants” link.  Now, depending on the size of your screen and the resolution you may only see pictures for the All-Star Resorts Food Courts.  Scroll down to the Rain Forest Cafe and you will see the reservation button under the picture if reservations are excepted at that location. That’s all there is to it.

 Just Remember, advance dining reservations can only be made 90 days prior to you arrival date.


resi 8

Yes! I Got My ADR!If nothing is available, try another time.



  1. What about 90 + 10?

    • Same rules do apply to the online system as the with the phone in version.

  2. this is encouraging, as i haven’t been pleased with the whole ‘dining plan’ idea from the beginning. thanks for this info!

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