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Tony’s Town Square Restaurant Review…”Bella Ristorante”

Restaurant: Tony’s Town Square Restaurant
Location: Magic Kingdom Park, Main Street USA (Park Admission is required)
DDP: Yes 1 Credit
Tables in Wonderland: Yes
Meal Eaten: Lunch
ADRs: Recommended
Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu
Dessert Menu

 Through the years I have actually avoided Tony’s solely based on mixed reviews I have read on the web.  Back in 2007 Kim and I tried Tony’s to decide for ourselves, and to give you an idea about my opinion of  Tony’s, this review was my third trip back.

Waiting for our table

We arrived at Tony’s 15 minutes before our ADR (advanced dining reservation) time of 11:30.  We were let into the waiting area and Kim and I sat in the comfy chairs along the far wall. We waited only a few minutes before the world famous Dapper Dans came into the waiting area and sang us a few songs before announcing Tony’s was open for lunch.   We were the third party called and we were quickly seated along the entrance wall located to the right as you enter the main dining room.

Let me take a moment to describe the restaurant.  For me the highlight of  Tony’s is something no one ever talks about and that is the decor.  Right from the start the waiting area offers you your first glance at the beautiful paintings  from the 1955 Disney classic Lady and the Tramp.  Scenes from the movie are all over the waiting area and in the main dinning room.  (A Keen eye will notice the same red pinstriped table clothes used in the Bella Nolte scene as matching the one on their dining table.)  Each painting was done by Senior Charector Artist Don “Ducky” Williams.  I had the pleasure of meeting Ducky in 2005 aboard the Disney Magic during a 7 day cruise along the Mexican Riviera.   

The restaurant has two dining rooms.  The main room is much nicer than the restaurant featured in the film. The room has a brightly polished black and white tiled floor.  The ceiling is high and ornate with rich wood moldings.  The seating surfaces are green vinyl and the seat backs of the benches are upholstered with a needle point rose pattern.  The benches are created by large cross shaped islands that break up the large dining room.  They each have planter boxes and polished bass lights with large white globes similar to the lamp posts out front on Main Street USA.  The centerpiece of the room is a beautiful fountain topped with  a bronze statue of Lady and the Tramp.  The fountain is lit up by dark blue lights that shine on the statue and the water.  The other dining room is located on the front porch.  Large windows overlook Main Street USA.  This room is often closed during the slower parts of the day.  It is a contrast to the dark warm tones to the main dining room as the large windows allow so much light in.  Ceiling fans slowly spin overhead and there is a large stained glass window in the ceiling.  Hanging plants give this room a feeling of dining in a conservatory.

Now seated, our server came over and took our drink order and left us menus.  She was very friendly and polite.  Kim and I looked over the menu and I had a hard time deciding.  I went with the Chicken Parmigiana which is described as “Lightly breaded Chicken Breast with Marinara Sauce, melted Mozzarella over Spaghetti”. ($16.99) Kim had the Eggplant Catasta (Stack) discribed as, “Layers of Eggplant, Fresh Mozzarella, and Parmesan with Marinara Sauce” It is served with penne pasta. ($12.99) It looked to me to be Eggplant Parmesan but because it was layered it wasn’t officially Parmesan. Our server returned with our drinks.  She missed bringing Kim a lemon slice with her Diet Coke as Kim requested when she ordered.  I had ordered iced tea so I gave up my lemon and gave it to Kim.  Who said chivalry was dead.  Our food arrived surprisingly quick.  Mine was a single thick boneless breast of chicken that was lightly breaded.  The chicken was perfect, it had a bit of a crust on it but not so hard it was difficult to cut.  The chicken was very tender and moist.  I also found the spaghetti to be firm and not mushy as is often the case when ordering it in a restaurant.  Now I get a little nervous when Kim orders eggplant in a restaurant.  For those of you that haven’t cooked it or ever ordered it in a restaurant, egg plant is one of those foods that can be easily destroyed.  Kim has ordered eggplant i other restaurants before and has not

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan

been happy with it.  It has to be cooked just right, too long and it will start to get soft, too quick and it is too spongy, let it sit too long before serving and it will have a mushy texture.  Fortunately the eggplant was done perfectly, Kim was very pleased with the texture, temperature and taste of her dish.   The food was brought out to us directly from the kitchen, our server did not see them bring it out as she was taking the order of another table.  My problem with this way of serving is we waited a long time before we could get her attention so we could get some grated cheese.  Not a big deal but the person from the kitchen should have the cheese with them and not rely on the server.  We finished our meal and Kim ordered her favorite dessert, simple known to us as “The Bomb”.  On the menu it is the Ice Cream Bomb described as chocolate and vanilla ice cream covered in rich chocolate coating ($5.99).  The description leaves out that the ice cream sits on a thin yellow cake like doughnut. The whole thing is encased in a hard chocolate candy shell with a chocolate sauce drizzle, it truly is “the bomb”.  We finished dessert and waited a while for the check.  I would have to say that although our server wasn’t bad, she wasn’t that good.  Like I had mentioned before, this was our third trip back to Tony’s and this server was not of the same level as the last two times we visited.  In fact we noticed our server from our last meal Mark serving and wished we had asked for him. If you want an excellent server ask for Mark from New Haven Connecticut, he is really good.

Over all Tony’s offers a menu that is beyond the typical burger, chicken nuggets and wraps that so dominate the Magic Kingdom’s menu boards.  Our food was delicious and served hot and fresh. The decor is warm and inviting, especially on the day we visited as it was a very dark and gloomy afternoon with heavy rain.  If you find yourself needing a place to eat in the Magic Kingdom make reservations for Tony’s Town Square Restaurant.  Be sure to make note of the artwork on all of the walls, it is part of what makes this location one of my favorites. 

Kim with, The Bomb

Kim with, "The Bomb"


Center Fountain

Center Fountain

Main Dining Room
Main Dining Room











The Dapper Dans performed in the waiting area before we were seated

The Dapper Dans performed in the waiting area before we were seated




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