Posted by: spectroswdwblog | September 6, 2010

The Trip has begun

The flight left a little late on but we made it to Florida only about 5 minutes late.  We lost a lot of tip using Disney’s Magical Express.  We had to wait in line for our bus that would take us to Bay Lake Tower.  Aside from the wait for the bus it took a while before we left for WDW.  We ended up being the last stop.  The driver stopped at the Poly first, then the Grand Floridian, then over to Wilderness lodge and then the Contemporary where Bay Lake Tower is.  Kim and I were close to missing our reservations for Tony’s.  We checked in and our room was ready.  We went up to the room, dumped off a few things and walked over to guest relation at the Magic Kingdom to pick up our Annual Passes (AP). The line was huge and we were still in line when our lunch reservation was up.  We got to the window to exchange our vouchers for or actual APs and I did not bring my wallet so i had no ID on me. To process the voucher I needed my drivers license which I left in the room.  Since we needed the pass to get into the Magic Kingdom Lunch at Tony’s was out.

We rode the monorail back to the room.  Even the monorail was taking forever.  We had to wait in the station before leaving because of “traffic”.  Once we cleared the Magic Kingdom station we didn’t get to far as we had to wait for clearance into the Contemporary Resort.  We finally made it to Bay Lake Tower (BTL) we were going to go back with my ID to get our passes but we had blown our reservation and it was close t 2:00pm.  Our thought was to go to the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC)  and ten have lunch at the Grand Floridian.  We were running out of time and to shorten the storey we ended up eating lunch in the Contemporary at The Wave.  Lunch was OK.  We had eaten dinner here about 18 months ago.  We liked the food but not our server.  The lunch offering is not that exciting and we did not want to eat here but we were pressed for time.  We were seated and low and behold we have the server that sucked the last time we ate there. I had a chicken sandwich which was OK but nit great.  Kim had a bacon cheeseburger which she liked. We would have preferred Tony’s. 

It was late and we did not want to go back and deal with getting the vouchers exchanged so we went to the pool.  We stayed at the resorts pool the rest of the afternoon until dinner at Ohana’s located it the Polynesian resort.


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