About us


Me: Christopher  Rainville Born 1967 (Do the math I am too lazy to up date it each year.)
AKA Spectro is #1 on most Disney Fan Sites

Hobbies: Photography (Nikon D90)
Photoshop artist
Musician (instrument Yamaha Tyros 2)
Collector of Disney park music
Xbox 360

Favorite Sport is Football
Team: New England Patriots

Favorite places to visit
WDW and Gillette Stadium

Wife Kim: true age will not be released.
AKA Pumba’s Mom on DIS

Hobbies: Scrapbooking
Card Making
Reading (if that is a hobby)

Also loves WDW, Football and the Patriots

We have no Kids only pets.  Four Disney Dogs Pumba, Belle, and Remy are pugs and Woody an English bulldog.
2 cats Simba and Nala
We are one of those annoying types of people that feature their pets on their Christmas cards each year. 
This helps feed my love of photography as it is my responsibility to take the photos each year.  Here is an example

Remy in his Elf hat.

We have been to Disney World a gazilloin times.  Our first trip to WDW together was in 1993.  We are DVC members since 2001 and our home resort is the Villas at Wilderness Lodge.



  1. That picture is priceless

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