mickeyThe countdown has begun.  With only a few days left and a lot to do it is crunch time.  Landry, cleaning, shopping, packing, yard work, bring the dogs to the groomer.  Getting ready for a vacation requires a vacation! Its Saturday and this will be the last day Kim and I will have off together. I am working on Sunday to get hours in so I can work a short day on Thursday as our plane leaves the gate at 4:35pm.

I am especially excited for this trip because I have a new camera.  My Nikon D90 arrived from Amazon on May 7thand I have been spending as much time as I can learning about the camera and practicing with it.  I upgraded from a D70 so the controls are similar but the D90 has so much more it can do so I have been exploring the various custom settings and shooting in the backyard.  My goal this trip is to get some photos from inside Pirates Of The Caribbean.  Big shout out to the great people on the photography board over at DIS for the tips. 

Thanks to the new DVC free internet policy I will be able to update the blog daily and will certainly add plenty of pictures to conical this trip.  I should mention that I HOPE to update the blog daily but with all the stuff to do in WDW I hope I have the time. I will at least try to post some photos daily and a brief up date of what went on during the day. I hope you read the blog throughout our trip.



  1. Chris!

    Are you also going to film for your YouTube account?

    • Not this trip, I need to get a new harddrive for my computer as the one i used for the first movie died.

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