Posted by: spectroswdwblog | May 20, 2009

It’s Sooooo Close

  T minus 18 hours and despite the crappie weather in Florida I am pretty excited. The day before we leave always feels like a special day, kind of like the day before a big holiday like Christmas or opening day of the NFL. Yes, opening day and Christmas are on the same level in our house. There is a lot of food and rejoicing. 

  Kim is up stairs packing and almost done. Idol is on and she won’t miss that especially tonight because it is the finally. I have chosen to pack tomorrow despite my promise to myself I was not going to be a last minute packer. Read More…

Posted by: spectroswdwblog | May 19, 2009

Rain :(

rainyxsmallWith less than 2 days to go we are getting depressed by the weather reports of rainy days ahead.  It happens every time we go to Walt Disney World.  When we hit the 1 week mark the anticipation really ramps up so Kim and I start watching the weather channel and hitting the web for the forecast. I check the weather throughout the day with my iphone and also have a radar app to easily check the Doppler image for central Florida. Read More…

Posted by: spectroswdwblog | May 16, 2009

Getting closer…

mickeyThe countdown has begun.  With only a few days left and a lot to do it is crunch time.  Landry, cleaning, shopping, packing, yard work, bring the dogs to the groomer.  Getting ready for a vacation requires a vacation! Its Saturday and this will be the last day Kim and I will have off together. I am working on Sunday to get hours in so I can work a short day on Thursday as our plane leaves the gate at 4:35pm. (I hope) Read More…


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